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Many North Carolina Car Accidents A Result Of Texting

Nov 20, 2013 Brown Moore Car Accidents

When residents of North Carolina are distracted for even a few seconds while driving, car accidents can be an unfortunate reality. Looking down to a cellular phone to read a text message on a highway is the equivalent to driving blindly. It is dangerous, and as there are more distracted drivers reading text messages, car accidents are increasing. A family in North Carolina knows this is all too true after family members and a separate driver were injured as the result of a texting driver.

A family of three, a mother and two children, had to stop to change a tire on a North Carolina highway. They pulled off onto the median of the roadway to change the tire when they saw a man driving towards their vehicle and children, all of which were standing outside of the car. The mother was then hit by his vehicle before he attempted to correct the damage he had done and hit another car.

The children thankfully did not get hit in this accident, but their mother had to be sent to a hospital to be treated for her injuries. The other victim of this car accident, a female, went to a hospital with more serious injuries. The reportedly texting man who caused the accident was charged with failure to maintain his lane control in addition to texting while operating a motor vehicle.

The victims of this car accident are not alone in situations like this. If the man is found to be guilty and negligent, the family has the right to file a claim against him. Unexpected car accidents such as this one in North Carolina pose heavy financial burdens on families. They may not have adequate funds for the loss of work they experienced or their medical expenses as a result of injuries suffered. A successfully litigated claim could end in financial restitution for expenses as a result of such car accidents.

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