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Does Marijuana use causes wrongful death in North Carolina accident?

By Brown Moore

December 31, 2013

Home News & Resources Does Marijuana use causes wrongful death in North Carolina accident?

During the early morning hours, the majority of traffic on North Carolina roadways consists of responsible adults on their way to work. Traffic is typically a little heavy during this time period, and the majority of drivers are paying attention to their surroundings as they prepare for the day ahead. Car accidents are usually minor fender benders caused by a distracted driver. This was not the situation in a recent accident in which marijuana use is suspected of contributing to the wrongful death of two brothers.

Law enforcement personnel state that a Raleigh man was driving a Dodge pickup truck on N.C. 98 when he diverted into oncoming traffic. This caused him to crash into an SUV occupied by two brothers. Both brothers were killed in the crash.

The truck driver was arrested and charged with DWI. It is believed that he had been using marijuana prior to the accident; however, blood test results have not been released yet. This driver has also been charged with the deaths of the brothers. Reports indicate that this is not this driver’s first problem with law enforcement. He was already scheduled for court on hit-and-run and other marijuana-related issues.

North Carolina drivers on their way to work in the early morning hours typically do not expect to be sharing the road with impaired drivers. Now, families have been left grieving over the wrongful death of these two gentlemen. Although the apparently negligent driver will face criminal charges, these will not help the families with the numerous financial losses associated with this tragedy. Pursuing their options in the civil court system may be the best way to tackle these losses.

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