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A Minor car accident may lead to wrongful death claim

Jul 18, 2013 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

A North Carolina man has been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with a minor traffic accident. However, it wasn’t the minor traffic accident that actually led to the charge. It was the major traffic accident that killed the man he was chasing. In addition to that misdemeanor charge, the driver could find himself involved in a wrongful death claim.

It all began when one driver accidentally bumped into the back end of the car in front of him. Instead of stopping to exchange information, the driver of the first car took off. The car that he hit took off after him. The two cars reportedly reached high speeds as they wound through the streets of Wilmington.

At some point in the chase, the first car ran a stop sign. As he entered the intersection at full speed, he careened into a semi-truck. His vehicle became wedged underneath the semi. The driver’s injuries were severe, and he did not survive. Police conducted separate investigations into both accidents.

Even if a driver was the victim of a minor fender bender, it is not a good idea to pursue a fleeing driver. That is a matter for the police. No one’s life is worth some damage to a car that can easily be repaired with insurance if necessary. Had the North Carolina driver in this instance not pursued the other driver, there is a good possibility that the driver would be alive today. This is most likely what the victim’s family is going to argue if they file a wrongful death claim against the driver.

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