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Mom sustained an injury but not a baby when SUV crashed through a window

Mar 21, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

When a group of people enjoys the hospitality of a restaurant, none of them expect to be injured by a vehicle. This was exactly what happened to a group of four adults and a toddler who was seated at a table next to a window of a North Carolina restaurant. To everybody’s surprise, the 13-month-old child suffered no injury.

One of the men in the group described how he saw the SUV approaching and that it even seemed to accelerate as it came straight at them. The first reaction of all the victims was to look for the toddler. They were amazed to find that a chair had fallen over the child and protected him from the SUV that came to rest on top of the chair.

After being examined at a hospital, the child was declared practically unharmed. The mother sustained fractures to her arm and serious injuries to her back that may require surgery at a later stage. The other members of the party suffered nothing but a few aches and pains, and everybody was grateful for the fact that the baby was unharmed. The driver of the SUV was uninjured and received a citation for speeding in unsafe conditions. A police investigation is underway and may be followed by an investigation by the Department of Transportation in Charlotte.

When residents of North Carolina suffer personal injury in an accident, as the woman in this case did, they may retain the right to claim damages in a court of law if the accident was caused by the negligence of another party. By seeking information pertaining to the legalities of filing a personal injury claim, the victim may gain an understanding of the processes that typically follow. When such a claim is successfully litigated, a civil court may award monetary restitution to cover past and future medical expenses related to the injuries caused by the accident, among other financial damages recognized by our laws.

Source:, Chair saved toddler pinned under SUV in crash, Tenikka Smith, March 17, 2014