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North Carolina auto accident injuries restaurant patrons

Mar 24, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

An average adult in the United States eats out approximately five times a week. While dining in a restaurant may be a common occurrence, becoming the victim of an auto accident while enjoying a meal is rare. Several people were injured recently in North Carolina after a vehicle crashed into a local restaurant.

A woman in North Carolina claims weather factors caused her to crash her sports utility vehicle into a restaurant. The driver told investigators she lost control and crashed into the building after weather conditions caused her vehicle to hydroplane. The police investigation into the auto accident is still ongoing.

As many as 20 patrons were said to be in the restaurant when the incident occurred. A total of six injured victims, all customers of a Charlotte restaurant known as Lempira, were taken to an area hospital to receive treatment. Four people, including one infant, suffered serious injuries as a result of the crash. The injuries sustained by each of the victims are thought to be non-life-threatening.

Once investigators are able to piece together the details in this case, the injured victims may elect to pursue a personal injury claim against the driver deemed responsible for the crash. When an auto accident appears to have been the result of another party’s negligence, the injured victims reserve the right to seek restitution for their losses in civil court. The unexpected expenses that often result from an accident can place a heavy financial burden on the injured victims. A successful claim may provide much-needed compensation to cover those costs as well as other damages permissible under North Carolina law.

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