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North Carolina Couple Arrested In Death Of Car Accident Victim

Jun 13, 2013 Brown Moore Car Accidents

A 58-year-old North Carolina man rode his moped to a nearby convenience store in order to make a purchase for a friend. After he left the store, he became a fatal car accident victim just two miles from his home. The vehicle that hit him did not stop or even call the police when the accident happened.

Police used every tool at their disposal to locate the vehicle and its driver. When the vehicle was found, both a husband and wife were arrested. Police believe that the husband had been driving and the wife was a passenger when the vehicle decimated the North Carolina man’s moped. Be that as it may, both the husband and wife reportedly failed to either stop or immediately report the incident.

Those that knew and loved the victim are left to forever wonder whether even a simple phone call would have brought help to the man quickly enough to save his life. This may partly be the reason that police have decided to charge both the husband and the wife in connection with the victim’s death. As it turns out, the man believed to have been driving the vehicle may have been doing so without a valid driver’s license, has a history of traffic violations, and currently has open traffic cases in other counties.

By all accounts, the victim had everything to live for and now those opportunities have been ripped away from him, his family, and his friends. This car accident victim’s family retains the right to file a wrongful death claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for his death. Monetary compensation aside, successful litigation may give his family the peace and closure they may not otherwise be able to find.

Source: Roanoke Rapids Daily Herald, “Two charged in fatal hit and run,” Corey Friedman, May 29, 2013