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North Carolina mom mourns for daughter killed in an auto accident

Jun 20, 2013 Brown Moore Car Accidents

On May 29, the nightmare of every mother befell a North Carolina woman. She lost her daughter in a fatal auto accident. Now, as she grieves for her daughter, her friends have put together a fundraiser to help her with the financial burden her daughter’s death has created.

The fundraiser took place at an Applebee’s Restaurant and was called “Pancakes for Pooh” by her friends. All of the proceeds from the breakfast were given to the grieving mother to help with the medical expenses and funeral costs. Local churches and the Swagger Motorcycle and Social Club collected money for the grieving mother as well.

The mother’s 20-month-old girl was in a car with a 22-year-old female who was driving along North Carolina Highway 96 at about 10 miles over the posted speed limit. For some reason, she lost control of the vehicle. When she did, it ended up slamming into a tree hard enough to roll the car onto its roof back on the highway. It took emergency crews nearly an hour to free the little girl from the wreckage. When they did, she was flown to an area hospital where she died.

No amount of money will ever be able to replace the child that her mother will now never get the chance to watch grow up. However, there are expenses that must be taken care of eventually. She does retain the right to file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the car separate from any criminal charges that may be filed in connection with this horrific auto accident.

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