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Overlooked Distractions That May Cause a Car Accident

Mar 21, 2023 Brown Moore Uncategorized

Safe driving requires focusing on your surroundings. This is true anywhere, but it’s particularly vital in a relatively busy city like Charlotte, North Carolina. Unfortunately, distracted driving is among the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents.

Some distractions that might prevent a driver from paying attention to what they’re doing are fairly obvious. For example, you likely already know that driving while using your phone can significantly increase your chances of being harmed in a collision.

However, there are other potential distractions that some drivers don’t consider. This overview will cover noteworthy examples, helping you better understand how you can stay safe on the road.

That said, even if you strive to avoid being distracted at the wheel, you could still be harmed in an accident resulting from the negligence or actions of another party. You may be eligible for compensation if so. Discuss your case with a Charlotte car accident attorney for more information.

In the meantime, potential distractions of which you should be aware include:

Pets and Passengers

Driving with pets can result in dangerous situations if a pet is allowed to roam free throughout the vehicle. It’s wise to ensure all animals are properly restrained when in the car.

Other passengers can also distract you from focusing on the road. For example, you may have to calm an unruly child, or you may be engaged in a somewhat intense conversation with a passenger, no longer paying full attention to your surroundings as a result.

Don’t let your passengers put everyone at risk. If a child won’t behave, find a safe place to park and don’t start driving again until the child is calm. If a passenger demands too much of your attention, firmly explain you can’t engage with them for safety reasons.

Food and Beverage

Even those who wisely refrain from phone usage in their vehicles may nevertheless eat and drink while driving. This is so common that few consider it to be dangerous.

However, experts point out that accidents can easily happen when motorists consume beverages or food. For instance, if you take a sip of hot coffee and accidentally spill even a little bit of it, this could be enough to keep you from focusing on the road in front of you.


This is an instance in which calm driving conditions can actually put you at risk. If you’re not stuck in traffic and you’re driving a simple route with which you’re familiar, you might find yourself daydreaming while at the wheel.

Don’t let this happen. Staying vigilant is key to staying safe on the road.

All that said, it’s once again important to remember that you can’t control the choices others make when driving. Although you might not allow distractions to put you in harm’s way, other drivers may not be as responsible.

Have you been hurt in a motor vehicle accident in or around Charlotte? Do you believe someone else is to blame for your accident? If so, at Brown Moore & Associates, a car accident attorney in Charlotte may be able to help you secure compensation for your medical bills and other such damages. Contact us online or call us at 704-335-1500 for more information.