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Were You Involved in a North Carolina Uber Accident? Here’s What to Do Next

Oct 30, 2018 Brown Moore Car Accidents

The ride-sharing industry continues to grow all across the country and North Carolina is no exception. There are multiple ride-sharing companies operating in Charlotte and one of them is Uber. Are you really safe when using a ride-sharing service? Many people use it to get to and from the airport, while others use it for a night out on the town so they can enjoy drinks without driving home. There have been hundreds of accidents involving Uber drivers since the company began operating in North Carolina that many are second-guessing using the service. Moore, Brown & Associates has more than 40 years of experience representing victims of car accidents. Here are some important tips on how to handle a North Carolina Uber accident.

North Carolina Uber Accident: Always Call 911

It is quite possible that the driver of the Uber vehicle you are riding in will ask you not to call 911. You would hope that the driver themselves would call 911, but this is never a given. You cannot assume that your driver or the driver of the other vehicle involved, or a witness will make the call to 911. Take it upon yourself to call 911 if you are ever involved in a North Carolina Uber accident. By calling 911 you ensure that the police, firefighters, and EMTs will respond to the accident and provide you with the proper attention and medical care you require.

Charlotte North Carolina Uber Accident: Tend to Your Injuries First

Once you have called 911 it is time to tend to your injuries. Make sure you are not badly injured. If you are not, check on the driver and anyone else involved in the Uber accident. Do not worry about handling anything else about the accident if you have suffered a serious injury, such as a broken arm or leg, a deep cut, or a head injury. If you have suffered such a serious injury you should remain in the vehicle, if it is safe to do so, until emergency responders arrive to examine and treat you.

Charlotte Uber Accident: Take Pictures of the Scene

If you did not suffer a serious injury in the Uber accident, take pictures of the scene on your phone. These pictures go a long way towards helping your attorney build a case. Pictures should be of just about anything you can think of at the accident scene, including the following:

  • All vehicles involved and their damaged spots
  • Debris scattered on the roadway from the crash
  • Road conditions
  • Weather conditions
  • Injuries to yourself
  • Speed limit and other warning signs at the crash scene

Charlotte NC Uber Accident: Speak to Witnesses

The aftermath of a Charlotte NC Uber accident can be very stressful depending on the severity of the crash. It can be so hectic that you might wind up forgetting to handle a few things that everyone should take care of following an accident. One of these items to take care of speaking with witnesses of the crash.

People stay around after seeing an accident for a couple of reasons. These include making sure everyone involved is ok, offering any assistance they can to those involved, and speaking to the police about what they saw.

Speak with any witnesses of the crash before they leave. Ask for their name, phone number, and any other contact information they want to give you. Request that they stay put until the police respond so they can give a statement to an officer about what they witnessed.

NC Uber Accident: Collect Information

Even though you were the passenger in the NC Uber accident you should still collect information from all of those involved. This information will be necessary when filing an insurance claim and if your attorney recommends filing a claim against any of the drivers. Make sure you get every driver’s name, phone number, address, insurance policy information, and anything else you deem necessary. You should secure the information of your Uber driver, the other drivers involved, and grab a business card from the police officer who will be writing the accident report.

Charlotte Uber Accident: Take Screenshots of Uber Information

The next thing you need to do when involved in a Charlotte Uber accident is to take screenshots of the Uber information that is on your phone. You obviously have the Uber app downloaded on your phone since that is the only way to use the service. Make sure you take a screenshot of the Uber trip that appears on your phone. You will also need the receipt sent to your phone through the Uber app.

Charlotte NC Uber Accident: What Happens if I Wasn’t in the Car?

Have you ever wondered what happens if you experienced an injury in an Uber accident but were not actually in the car? If you are not in the vehicle, or if the driver is off-duty, you likely won’t be able to file a claim against Uber itself. You will need to file a claim against the driver’s personal auto insurance policy to receive compensation for your injuries.

Charlotte North Carolina Uber Accident Attorneys — Brown Moore & Associates

If you or a loved one experienced personal injury in a Charlotte, NC Uber accident speak with an experienced member of our team. At Brown Moore & Associates we have more than 40 years of experience representing clients injured in car accidents. Let’s start holding Uber drivers accountable for their actions. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.