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Gastonia, NC Construction Accident Attorney

Statistics indicate that construction workers are at greater risk of being injured in work-related accidents than employees in most other industries. The injuries construction workers may sustain as a result of on-the-job accidents can be quite serious, requiring costly medical treatment and preventing them from returning to work until they make full recoveries.

Have you or a loved one been harmed in a construction accident in Gastonia, North Carolina or the surrounding areas? If so, you can file a claim to recover workers’ compensation benefits. Doing so can help you cover the costs of medical treatment and compensate you for lost wages.

Your chances of securing the full amount of compensation for which you are eligible will be greater if you have legal representation. Learn more by reviewing your case with a Gastonia construction accident attorney at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC.

How a Gastonia Construction Accident Law Firm Helps

Employers in North Carolina are legally required to purchase workers’ compensation insurance when their businesses have three or more employees. While some employers choose to self-insure, because workplace accidents are relatively common in construction, it is unlikely a construction worker’s employer will have made this decision.

That means seeking the financial assistance you deserve after being harmed in a construction accident will typically involve filing a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier.

In an ideal world, recovering proper compensation for your losses would be as simple as filing a claim and collecting what you’re owed. Unfortunately, in reality, securing proper compensation in these circumstances can be more challenging than expected.

This is because insurance is still a profit-driven industry. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier is not incentivized to pay you what you are eligible to recover if doing so is avoidable.

Sometimes, workers who file insurance claims after being harmed in construction accidents have their claims denied entirely. An insurer may attempt to deny your claim by suggesting that you were not operating within the scope of your employment when your accident happened.

If the insurance company doesn’t deny your claim altogether, they may nevertheless attempt to convince you to settle for less than your claim is worth. Be aware, that although an insurance adjuster may pretend to be on your side, they will probably be listening for statements you might make that they can use to justify offering you less compensation than you’re asking for whenever you interact with them.

Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you. A Gastonia construction accident attorney can assist you by:

  • Investigating your accident and gathering evidence proving it was work-related
  • Handling all correspondence with the insurance adjuster, doctors, and other relevant parties
  • Calculating how much compensation you may be eligible to recover
  • Rejecting unreasonably low offers and negotiating for a fair settlement on your behalf

Contact a Gastonia Construction Accident Attorney

At Brown Moore & Associates, our Gastonia construction accident attorneys appreciate the major role construction workers play in our state. If you’ve been injured in a Gastonia construction accident, we are prepared to offer the effective representation you deserve. Learn more by contacting us online or calling us at 704-335-1500 to schedule a free consultation.

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