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Kannapolis, NC Car Accident Attorney

Sometimes, drivers find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. The subsequent consequences of being involved in a roadway incident can be devastating; straining one’s ability to enjoy the quality of life they had pre-collision. Brown Moore Law is your go-to support system for all of your legal needs. Our knowledgeable car accident lawyers are poised to fight for your needs, ensuring your best possible future post-accident.

Roadway Incident Reports In Kannapolis Are Shocking

The unfortunate reality is that Kannapolis’ roads are becoming increasingly more dangerous each year. The city’s rise in car-accident incidents has resulted in its consistent rise in the rankings of most unsafe roadways across North Carolina:

  • In 2017, Kannapolis held a healthy 49th place out of all North Carolina cities with a population of over 10,000.
  • Since then, the city has risen an average of almost six places every year – ranking 32nd in 2020.

Although not always so grave, Kannapolis’ car accident-related statistics can result in devastating outcomes:

  • Out of all 4,246 crashes in 2020, a staggering 868 caused non-fatal injuries.
  • In the same year, 17 of those crashes resulted in death.

What Are The Causes Of These Accidents?

There are myriad reasons why accidents occur in Kannapolis, NC:

  • Failure to yield or properly follow roadway signs, rules, and/or indications.
  • Use of phones or other electronic devices while operating a motor vehicle such as the taking of pictures, video-recording, instant messaging, or calling.
  • Distracted driving and participation in other activities including: eating, doing makeup, and excessive engagement with a large number of passengers.

Yet one of the most concerning matters in this area is driving under the influence – North Carolina reports that alcohol-related crashes and drunk driving make up almost 3% of all accidents in Kannapolis.

Ranging in degrees of negligence, the outcome can be just the same. The problematic practice of driving in unsafe circumstances can lead to injury or worse for other Kannapolis drivers going about their daily routine.

Brown Moore Law Is At Your Back

Our lawyers handle many types of injuries surrounding car wrecks in the greater Charlotte area. From mental duress to broken bones, our experience dealing with serious car-wreck cases is what makes us such formidable advocates. With such experience, we are well versed in securing a wide variety of compensations for you or your loved ones involved in a collision:

  • Full medical compensation following the wreck
  • Income loss due to absence from place of work
  • Damages to general health and quality of life
  • Punitive damages due to gross negligence
  • Other hidden costs of car accidents are often swept aside by insurance companies

Brown Moore Law is here for you. Our attorneys’ experience allows us to fully comprehend your needs. Your quality of life is our top concern and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you receive the compensation and help that you deserve. If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident and needs a Kannapolis car accident lawyer, please click here or call 704-335-1500 (local) or 800-948-0577 (toll-free) to receive expert legal assistance.

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