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Monroe, NC Car Accident Attorney

The harsh reality of being a driver in Monroe, North Carolina is explained in a single word – danger. Recent years have shown soaring numbers pertaining to the risks involved in taking off on the road – and a simple trip to the grocery store can result in a grim display of these very statistics. As a result, our experienced car accident attorneys at Brown Moore Law have assembled to ensure that justice is found in the court of law.

Why Might An Accident Occur In Southern North Carolina?

Car wrecks are driven primarily by improper driving techniques. Most are illegal and caused by driver incompetence or negligence. Although weather and other external factors may be present, it is the drivers’ responsibility to operate his or her motor vehicle in a way that complies with local, state, and federal laws and regulations; creating a safer transportation environment for all.

One egregious example of human-caused motor accidents is drunk driving – also known as driving under the influence. At 3.09%, the chance of being implicated in an alcohol-related crash in Monroe is high, causing concern for community members in Monroe and the surrounding area.

In addition to operating a vehicle under the influence, there are other examples of reasons that you or a loved one may become involved in a serious wreck as a result of the actions of another driver:

  • Lack of situational awareness and failure to adjust to changing driving conditions
  • Missing driving qualifications
  • Operating a motor vehicle while distracted
  • Ignorance to driving laws mandating yielding and other car-related responsibilities

While you may not be directly participating in these acts, other drivers in your area oftentimes lack the same concern for others’ safety. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in Monroe.

Just How Bad Is It?

With a mere population of approximately 35,000 people – Monroe, North Carolina experienced just under 6,000 car accidents in 2020 alone. This is one of the many reasons that in the same year, Monroe was ranked the 12th most dangerous city with a population over 10,000 in North Carolina to operate a vehicle. The North Carolina Department of Transportation goes on to highlight dangers in city limits:

  • With 12 people losing their lives in Monroe last year, the per-capita mortality rate was much higher than that of other North Carolina cities.
  • Monroe reported 1,339 injuries due to car accidents in 2020. Wake Forest, North Carolina – which has a much larger population than Monroe – reported less than half the number of injuries in the same period.
  • The consistent “danger ranking” of the city between places 10-13 over the past four years indicates little to no improvement in the state of safety on Monroe roads.

These are worrisome: but luckily, Brown Moore & Associates is here to fight for the victims of these road-related accidents one case at a time.

Brown Moore Law’s Commitment To You

Medical expenses can quickly become the largest source of debt for an individual involved in a car crash. Brown Moore Law understands the implications that such an occurrence can have on a resident in Monroe. Luckily, Brown Moore & Associates has extensive experience across North Carolina and is ready to support you and your loved ones on your journey for justice.

One Monroe car accident lawyer can make the difference that you need to transform your future into a more prosperous one – and it is available at the click of a button. To contact a representative, please click here or call 704-335-1500 for the local number or 800-948-0577 for a toll-free line.

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