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Charlotte, NC Pedestrian Accident Attorney Shares 3 Need-to-Know Safety Tips

Mar 8, 2022 Brown Moore Pedestrian Accident

Walking in any major city can put one at risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident. In large cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, traffic tends to be more congested than in other communities. When there are more cars on the road, the odds of pedestrians being harmed are greater than they might be in more rural areas.

None of this is meant to worry you. On the contrary, it’s simply important that you be familiar with the various steps you can take to prevent yourself from being harmed. Along with the basics, such as paying attention to your surroundings when navigating Charlotte, you can optimize your safety by:

Wearing White Clothing

Many people don’t realize that the color of the vehicle they drive can have a major influence on whether they are likely to be injured in a motor vehicle accident. For example, research has shown that black cars are involved in collisions more frequently than vehicles of any other color or shade. This is because black vehicles are often more difficult to see than brighter-colored automotive.

On the other hand, it’s been found that white cars are involved in relatively few accidents when compared to most others. Again, this is a matter of visibility. Unless you’re driving in a very snowy area, seeing a white car is much easier than seeing a black car.

The same principle applies to clothing. If you’re going to be walking around Charlotte or any other large city for several hours, strongly consider wearing white or bright clothing when doing so. This will help motorists see you.

Looking for Eye Contact

In an ideal world, you would be able to merely assume that drivers will yield the right of way, obey traffic signals, and take all other steps required to avoid striking pedestrians. Unfortunately, that’s not the world in which we live.

You need to exercise caution when crossing the street in a busy city. One way to get a better sense of whether a motorist is conscious of your presence is to check if they are making eye contact with you at any point while approaching a crosswalk or intersection you’re planning on crossing. If they do make eye contact, that clearly tells you they see you.

Not Walking While Intoxicated (Particularly at Night)

Virtually everyone understands that operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is very dangerous. However, while it is of course important to not drive while intoxicated, because so much emphasis is placed on discouraging drunk driving, we sometimes forget that walking while intoxicated may statistically be even more risky.

That doesn’t mean you should choose to drive home instead of walking home if you’ve spent a few hours at the bar. Instead, it means if you ever are intoxicated and need to travel from one spot to another, you must consider safe travel options, such as calling for a taxi.

Still, even if you are responsible and strive to avoid being harmed in a pedestrian accident, it’s possible you might one day be injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. Review your case with a Charlotte, NC pedestrian accident attorney if this ever happens. At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our team is prepared to offer the strong representation you deserve should you choose to pursue compensation for your medical bills and other such losses. Call us at 704-355-1500 (local) or 800-948-0577 (toll-free) for more information about how we can help.