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CSA Changes Aim to Reduce Serious Trucking Accidents

Aug 31, 2012 Brown Moore Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the agency that creates regulations that affect the trucking industry. When the amount of fatalities caused by significant trucking accidents started to remain stagnant, the agency developed a new plan called CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) that was designed to reduce the number of deaths caused by these crashes.

Over time, the agency has made several changes to the program in an effort to fine tune some of the rules and regulations in place. Officials want to remain vigilant in addressing any new trouble spots that may develop to help eliminate the chance that they will become long-term problems.

Recently, the FMCSA released some changes to the CSA that will impact many in the trucking industry. Of particular focus included those trucks carrying hazardous materials. The agency wants to look more closely to determine the type of cargo being hauled by companies with safety issues.

Additionally, hours-of-service and logbook violations will receive further scrutiny under the changes. Truckers have very specific limits in the amount of time that they can be on the road. The agency hopes that this will limit the amount of fatigued drivers involved in accidents.

Many of the changes had been tested during a four-month trial period that involved several law enforcement agencies and trucking companies throughout the country. Carriers were concerned with the new hazmat regulations, but the FMCSA has decided to begin enforcing these rules.

For companies that have repeat safety violations, both owners and drivers could find themselves ordered out of service. This means that they would not be allowed to operate again until they resolve the issues that need to be addressed, including paying any fines that may be imposed.

Source: “8/27/2012 FMCSA Adds HazMat Basic, Makes Other Changes to CSA Program” August 27, 2012.