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Getting Back Behind the Wheel Following a Horrific Charlotte Car Accident

Sep 30, 2018 Brown Moore Car Accidents

The driver is not the only person who can be affected by a horrific Charlotte car accident. Any person in the vehicle with the driver can suffer a life-altering injury or emotional illness. Post-traumatic stress disorder can occur in victims of car accidents, causing them to have trouble getting back behind the wheel once their physical injuries have healed. Many people wonder how difficult it can be to overcome the fear of driving following a horrific accident, and the experienced team from Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC would like to use our 40 years in law to help you recover from such a terrible accident.

North Carolina Horrific Car Accidents: Taking Recovery One Day at a Time

One of the most important things you can do following a North Carolina horrific car accident is to take the recovery process one day at a time. It can be devastating to your emotional and physical health if you rush back to work, to school, or back to driving, especially if you were the driver in one of the vehicles involved in the crash. Recovering from a car accident does not happen overnight. You have to take things slowly or else you risk putting yourself even further behind in the recovery process.

Charlotte, North Carolina Horrific Car Accidents: Accept All the Help You Can Get

Tip number two for getting back behind the wheel after a horrific Charlotte, North Carolina car accident is to accept all the help you can get. Family members, friends, and neighbors will all visit you in the hospital and when you return home. They will want to lend a helping hand as much as possible while you recover from your injuries and try to get back on your feet.

Do not push these offers of help to the background. Many will want to curl up in their bed and ignore the rest of the world, especially if the horrific accident resulted in the fatality of someone in your car or the other vehicle. It is easier said than done to simply accept help from others, but this is a time in your life where it must be done if you want to succeed in your recovery.

Everyone in your life will want to do everything possible to help you while you recover from physical or emotional injuries. Since you might not be able to care for yourself or your family, they could wind up cooking meals, running errands, taking kids to and from school and appointments, cleaning your home, and going grocery shopping for you.

Charlotte NC Horrific Car Accidents: Join a Support Group

There are support groups out there for just about everything these days. You should have no trouble finding one that is for victims of car accidents in North Carolina. Car accidents are such a common occurrence that these support groups should be filled with members who have gone through or are currently going through the same thing as you right now. Having a comparable situation with others in the support group can make it easier for you to return to a healthy emotional life and getting back behind the wheel.

If you decide to join a support group, you should attend as many meetings as possible. Skipping meetings will not be healthy for your recovery. The more you attend, the more you will be able to share with others. You very well could figure out new ways to deal with your physical and emotional pain by attending these meetings.

Charlotte Horrific Car Accidents: Seek Counsel from a Therapist

Many people view going to therapy as a sign of weakness. This cannot be further from the truth. Seeing a therapist or psychologist is a move that signifies strength and determination to get better. You explain your emotions to the therapist so they can talk you through the process of healing. You might not notice a change in your emotional status immediately.

NC Horrific Car Accidents: Returning to the Task of Driving

Once you have sought help from family, friends, a support group, and a therapist you can return driving. Make sure this happens once you have healed from your physical injuries and cleared by your physician to drive. An important tip to follow here is to start off with an easy route. Drive on familiar roads that are away from the congestion and large highways. This will make it easier for you to regain comfort when operating a vehicle.

As you return to the task of driving, you will want to bring another licensed driver with you. Even a short trip can turn difficult if you’re not ready. Having another driver with you helps with getting home just in case.

Another important step in getting behind the wheel following a car accident is to drive past the scene of the crash. Ignoring the scene of the crash will only make your emotions and mental state worse than they already are. Make sure the first time you drive by the scene you are with someone who can help you remain calm.

Charlotte NC Car Accident Attorneys — Brown Moore & Associates

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