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Man arrested on DUI charge following a fatal auto accident

By Brown Moore

April 24, 2014

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Alcohol can be a deadly drug, as it can quickly impair a person’s judgment and slow down his or her reaction time. It also can affect one’s coordination and concentration ability. If a family member ends up being killed in an auto accident caused by another person’s decision to drive while intoxicated, it can be natural to feel grieved and angry. Monetary compensation can’t bring the dead person back to life, but it certainly can help the surviving family members to experience a sense of justice in what may seem to be an unfair, tragic event in North Carolina.

One 59-year-old man recently was arrested following an accident in which he was driving under the influence of alcohol. The man struck a car, which plowed into another automobile as a result. The male driver of the second vehicle suffered injuries and ended up dying days later.

Meanwhile, the driver of the third vehicle suffered minor injuries. The man who reportedly caused the chain-reaction crash also suffered minor injuries in the crash. He was charged with driving while intoxicated leading to death, which is a felony.

The man who was arrested following the accident will have to respond to his alcohol-related criminal charges. He also might face other legal problems in the form of a wrongful death claim filed by the family members of the deceased driver. This driver’s family has the right to seek monetary damages, which can help to cover medical costs, loss of support, and other expenses related to the accident recognized under our state laws. If the arrested man is convicted on his criminal charges, evidence of the conviction might be used in a related civil court case to try to establish his financial responsibility for the death caused by this North Carolina auto accident.