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North Carolina Family Grieves For Baby Boy After Auto Accident

Feb 13, 2014 Brown Moore Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence in North Carolina. Interestingly, many times car accidents happen within close proximity of one’s destination. This fact can make the results of an auto accident even more difficult to accept, knowing that individuals were so near the end of their travels. A recent car wreck illustrates this idea all too well.

A collision late one Sunday morning interrupted one family’s trip to church. On their way to a late morning service, the family was just about to turn into the church parking lot when the crash changed their plans. The minivan was slowing down as it prepared to turn, but the pickup truck behind them failed to yield and forcefully rammed into the back of the vehicle. This alleged moment of distracted driving has resulted in devastating consequences.

The impact of the collision sent four people from the minivan to a nearby hospital. The conditions of three of these victims are unknown. After being taken to the hospital, however, a 1-year-old baby boy died from the injuries he sustained in the car accident. The driver of the pickup truck is facing charges for failing to reduce his speed in order to avoid a wreck and misdemeanor death with a vehicle.

As this family recovers from their injuries, they also have to deal with the grief of losing a precious baby. Those involved in this North Carolina auto accident have the right to file civil claims for wrongful death and negligent driving against the truck’s driver. These claims can compensate for the medical bills that may pile up after receiving treatment for the injuries they sustained and the funeral costs of the baby boy. Nothing can turn back the clock and bring back his young life, but these claims can offer some sort of comfort in the middle of this trying time.

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