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Pedestrian Accidents in the Spring

Feb 24, 2022 Brown Moore Pedestrian Accident

Not one person on Earth isn’t excited when Spring is right around the corner. The introduction of Spring means warmer weather, additional daylight savings time, and more time to be out and about. However, every driver is aware that the more vehicles present on the roads, the greater the chances of a traffic accident. It is not just drivers that need to be careful when traveling to and from their destinations; pedestrians and bicyclists are also at risk of being struck by inattentive drivers. Not surprisingly, the number of pedestrian accidents increases during the springtime. Contact a Charlotte pedestrian accident attorney if you are injured in an accident.

Road Trips Increase

During the Spring, there is an increase in the number of road trips taken. Students are given additional time off during their spring breaks, prompting families and college students to take road trips and spend extra time on the road. This leads to an increase in vehicles traveling on the roadway. In addition to the rise in cars, some drivers may be traveling in unfamiliar areas. This uncertainty can cause drivers to engage in dangerous driving behaviors like cutting off other drivers to take an exit or slamming on brakes unexpectedly.

An Increase of New Drivers

As the weather becomes warmer, young people will want to pursue their driver’s licenses. This will increase the number of new drivers who must experience driving on the roadways. Because younger people are known to engage in risky behaviors while driving, the chances of a traffic accident become greater.

Poor Road Design

Very rarely are roadway designs constructed with the safety of pedestrians in mind. Pedestrians often struggle with the deadly combination of unsafe roadway crossings and distracted drivers. If a distracted driver fails to notice a pedestrian, that pedestrian can immediately become seriously injured. Expecting a driver to obey the traffic signs is one of the most significant risks a pedestrian can take.

Daylight Savings Time

As wonderful as having an additional hour added to the day, the number of pedestrian accidents consistently increases during daylight savings changes. According to a 21-year study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there has been an increase in the number of fatal car accidents that occur the Monday after daylight savings time. The average number of fatal car accidents would be 83.5 percent instead of the usual 78.2 percent Monday.

Lack of Visibility

Motorists constantly fail to notice a pedestrian attempting to cross the street. The lack of visibility could be due to distractions on the driver’s part of the pedestrian’s clothing. If a pedestrian is wearing dark clothing during the nighttime, it can significantly reduce the pedestrian’s visibility.

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