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Several Suffer Workplace Injuries In Foundry Accident

By Brown Moore

May 23, 2014

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Machine failure can be a terrifying experience for people who are working in dangerous conditions at a job site in North Carolina. In one recent situation in a different state, several people suffered workplace injuries as a result of a failed machine at a foundry. The incident occurred on a recent Monday afternoon.

According to authorities, multiple employees were on one platform beside a big centrifuge responsible for spinning melted brass. This platform suddenly fell, and the failed machine released the molten brass. This sparked a small blaze.

Although workers in the foundry were able to put out the fire, seven employees ended up with injuries as a result of the molten metal. Four of them were still in the hospital due to their injuries, while three were able to be released. Two of the workers’ injuries were so serious that they had to be transported to a burn center via helicopter. Two other workers were transported to that medical facility by ambulance.

When a catastrophic failure of a machine causes major workplace injuries, this affects a person’s ability to work and earn money as normal. In addition, the person needs medical attention. Workers’ compensation insurance benefits made available through an employer in North Carolina can help an injured worker to receive a portion of his or her regular monthly income as well as receive needed medical help. If a person is receiving opposition when trying to get the benefits he or she is entitled to, the person has the right to legally fight for fair compensation.