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Workers’ compensation may help injured construction workers

May 30, 2014 Brown Moore Workers' Compensation

When the winds of life blow and a person find himself or herself in a stormy situation due to a work injury, it’s easy for the individual to feel helpless. However, workers compensation insurance in North Carolina is designed to be a temporary financial lifeboat, helping the person to stay afloat monetarily while he or she heals. One construction worker in another state ended up being injured recently, perhaps due to high winds.

The accident happened when the worker, who is 25 years old, was on-the-job at a city wastewater plant. Multiple roof trusses fell at the construction site and caused him to be trapped under the trusses. The incident took place in the afternoon.

Firefighters were called to the scene and rescued him from the collapsed roof. They then placed the man in a rescue basket, or stokes basket, before taking him down from the roof with a ladder. The emergency responders then lowered him to the ground by using a rope.

The man suffered injuries and was taken to the hospital. High winds may have contributed to the accident: The wind gusts had reached nearly 30 mph that afternoon. Typically, no matter who or what causes a worker’s injuries, the worker injured on-the-job is eligible for workers’ compensation insurance benefits in North Carolina. Employers in our state have to pay for this type of insurance so that employees who fall ill or suffer injuries while working can keep getting some of their monthly income in addition to getting any medical attention they need. Knowing the law may increase one’s chances of successfully navigating through the claims process following a work accident.

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