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Huntersville Catastrophic Injury Attorney

Recovering from injuries sustained in an accident resulting from another party’s negligence is rarely an easy experience. Sometimes, it’s an experience that never truly ends for a victim during their lifetime.

Some injuries are serious enough to permanently impact a victim’s quality of life. These injuries may qualify as catastrophic.

Have you been seriously harmed because someone else was careless? If so, review your case with a Huntersville, North Carolina catastrophic injury attorney at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC. You may be eligible to recover compensation for your medical bills and other such losses by filing a claim or lawsuit. If you have a valid catastrophic injury case, we will help you pursue what you are owed.

Huntersville Catastrophic Injury Cases: Important Information


Unless you are thoroughly familiar with the applicable laws, it is unlikely you know for certain whether your injuries qualify as catastrophic. One of our Huntersville catastrophic injury attorneys will gladly answer any questions you may have about this topic. They will help you better understand if yours is a catastrophic injury case or a typical personal injury case.

Generally, your injuries may be referred to as catastrophic if they cause or involve any of the following:

  • Loss of limb
  • Loss of vision and/or hearing
  • Disfigurement
  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Impaired mobility
  • Impaired cognitive functioning

If you sustained catastrophic injuries, odds are you will struggle to secure gainful employment in the future. You might also need ongoing medical care. Such consequences of an accident resulting from someone else’s negligence can place a tremendous financial burden on you and your loved ones.

You deserve to be compensated accordingly if you were injured because someone else was careless. A Huntersville catastrophic injury attorney with our firm can help you seek compensation effectively.

How a Huntersville Catastrophic Injury Attorney Helps

It is vital that you avoid certain mistakes when pursuing compensation for catastrophic injuries and losses associated with them. One common mistake victims make involves assuming that any personal injury attorney is qualified to offer strong representation in these circumstances.

When hiring a lawyer, make sure they have experience handling catastrophic injury cases. The demands of these cases are unique when compared to those of other personal injury claims and lawsuits.

For example, if you were involved in an accident that only left you with minor injuries when determining how much compensation you deserve, your lawyer might only need to account for past and current financial losses.

Most personal injury lawyers can handle this task. However, if your injuries are catastrophic, your lawyer will also probably need to account for future financial losses. You need to be confident you’ve hired an attorney who understands how to accurately estimate the cost of long-term care, lost earning capacity, etc.

You must also be aware that attorneys who handle catastrophic injury cases are prepared to enter into lengthy negotiations with insurance companies if necessary. Although insurers are virtually never eager to offer fair settlements when victims file claims, they are particularly inclined to lowball claimants or even deny claims without proper justification when a victim’s injuries are severe. This is because insurers know that claimants who have sustained major injuries may be eligible to collect large sums of money.

Don’t let an insurer or the negligent party’s lawyers take advantage of your lack of experience. Seek representation from a Huntersville catastrophic injury attorney who has the experience needed to provide the quality representation you deserve.

Contact a Huntersville Catastrophic Injury Attorney

At Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC, our Huntersville catastrophic injury attorneys care deeply about protecting the rights of victims. If you work with us, we will strive to optimize your chances of recovering the full amount of compensation you are entitled to based on the extent of your losses and damages. Learn more about how we can help by contacting us online or calling us at 704-335-1500 to schedule a consultation.

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