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Monroe, NC Premises Liability Attorney

Homeowners, business owners, landlords, and property managers are all legally bound to maintain the properties they own in a safe manner so that guests and visitors to their properties are not harmed. They are duty-bound to make timely repairs to known perils, and at the very least, warn people about dangers that exist on their properties. If they do not, property owners open themselves up to liability from injured parties. If you have been injured on property belonging to someone else, reach out to our Monroe, NC premises liability attorney for information about recovering your damages.

What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability is the legal concept that property owners and property managers who fail to maintain their properties in a reasonably safe manner must pay for any injuries to those legally on their property that result from this failure. Premises liability cases generally occur from hazards such as unsafe stairways or wet floors when someone slips or trips and falls, incurring serious injuries as a result. But slip and fall accidents are not the only types of premises liability issues.

Premises liability claims may arise when:

  • A property owner owns a dangerous dog that bites the claimant.
  • The claimant is the victim of a violent crime committed on the property owner’s premises due to the owner failing to provide adequate security.
  • A landlord fails to repair necessary elements in a home, and a fire results, injuring tenants.
  • The owner of a swimming pool fails to put up a fence around a pool and a child in the neighborhood drowns as a result.
  • A balcony collapses on a rental unit, leading to serious injuries for persons on the balcony during the collapse.
  • An amusement park ride turns lethal when a seat belt fails and a patron is slung to their death.
  • An unsafe power line leads to a person being electrocuted.
  • A customer is exposed to toxic chemicals or other unsafe substances.
  • A roadway’s dangerous design or negligent maintenance results in a horrific accident.

Compensation in Premises Liability Claims

Standard compensatory damages in premises liability claims include medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The severity of injuries can impact the value of a case. For instance, claimants experiencing lifelong disabilities or impairments due to their injuries may recover more than those with just short-term complications from their injuries. Although most premises liability claims can be negotiated out of court, it is sometimes the case that a claim must be property adjudicated in a court of law to reach a reasonable verdict that is fair for the plaintiff and that holds the defendant(s) accountable for their negligence.

Keep in mind that families of deceased premises liability accident victims may also be able to bring Wrongful Death claims which seek compensation for the loss not only of the deceased individual’s financial support, but also the loss of companionship, consortium, advice, love, and more.

Working With Our Monroe, NC Premises Liability Attorney

Contact our team at Brown Moore & Associates, PLLC for a free consultation of your case by clicking here or calling us at 800-948-0577. Our compassionate yet aggressive Monroe, NC premises liability attorney has a strong history of helping people just like you get the maximum settlement or verdict they deserve for their injuries.

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