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Family of North Carolina woman may consider wrongful death case

By Brown Moore

August 13, 2014

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When a fatal accident occurs, it is important that the correct party or parties are deemed responsible and that the applicable charges or other penalties are applied. If an individual who may have been at fault is killed in the accident, wrongful death or other civil claims on the part of any other seriously or fatally injured parties may be filed against the estate of a deceased individual. Because such situations can be somewhat complicated, having the right information for a specific situation is important.

The family of a woman in North Carolina may be looking into their options for a civil case after a double fatal accident. The situation reportedly began when an officer attempted to stop a driver who was suspected of being involved with drug activity. The male driver reportedly stopped for a moment before driving off. He apparently traveled at speeds of up to 120 mph before colliding with another vehicle.

The officer pursuing the male driver came upon the crash scene and reportedly called for assistance. It was reported that the male driver allegedly crossed the center line and crashed into a vehicle with a female driver. Drivers of both vehicles suffered fatal injuries in the collision. At this time, there is an investigation into the incident, including a look into the police procedures involved in the situation.

Because both drivers involved in the crash were killed, the family of the deceased woman may find themselves looking for answers. If the male driver involved is considered responsible for the accident, the woman’s family may still have legal options that they could potentially pursue. A civil case regarding a wrongful death situation may still have the ability to be filed in North Carolina if the family wishes to seek compensation from the estate of the driver deemed at fault.

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