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Flat Tire In North Carolina Ends In Possible Wrongful Death

Dec 25, 2013 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

Holiday traffic can be congested wherever someone travels — local roads, highways, and especially interstates. Drivers are often flying down the roads hoping to reach their final destination as soon as possible. Little attention is often paid to what is going on besides the roadway. Such a scenario proved deadly along I-40 in North Carolina recently. A couple traveling from Alabama was killed in an accident that could quite possibly be considered a wrongful death.

Police report that the victims were stopped alongside the interstate with a flat tire. As they were changing the tire, an out-of-state truck slammed into them. The victims were sent flying through the air. What should have been a simple car repair quickly turned deadly?

The truck driver who hit them was traveling from Tennessee. He claims that he did not see them; however, when he caught a glimpse of a vest, he apparently suspected that he had a problem. The driver stopped his truck to investigate what had happened. When he discovered one of the victims, he did call for assistance.

The driver of the truck is currently facing misdemeanor charges in the deaths of these two individuals. These charges have been filed by the North Carolina Highway Patrol. However, once a complete investigation has been presented, it is possible that the victim’s family may decide that a wrongful death civil claim could be in their best interest. In addition to the loss of their loved ones, they are now also facing funeral and other expenses associated with this accident.

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