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North Carolina truck and trailer car accidents can be fatal

Jan 15, 2014 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

Operating a vehicle requires focus and awareness of the driver’s surroundings. When a tow trailer is added to the equation, the responsibilities of driving become even greater. A person choosing to drive a large vehicle with an added amount of weight should know and be comfortable with making the necessary adjustments to their driving. North Carolina car accidents that are caused by improper use or handling of a vehicle can result in civil claims.

A recent accident in North Carolina left one dead and one in the hospital with injuries. Three people who were in the vehicle that was towing a trailer with a car on it were involved in the accident. Reports indicated that the driver lost control of the vehicle on the interstate after the trailer somehow detached from the pickup truck.

According to the reports, a 65-year-old passenger in the pickup truck was killed when the vehicle was overturned. Another passenger in the truck was injured and transported to a local North Carolina hospital, but the severity of the injuries was not indicated in the report. The report also stated that the driver apparently was not injured in the accident.

Choosing to attach a large piece of equipment to a traveling vehicle is dangerous if it is not done correctly. Car accidents that are caused by the misuse or negligence of a trailer and result in death could have legal repercussions even if the mishap was not intentional. Since the driver was not killed in the accident, it is possible that he may face a civil claim for wrongful death if the victim’s family so chooses to file one.

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