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Monthly Archives: May 2013

North Carolina wrongful death; Police say texting caused death

May 30, 2013 by , Wrongful Death

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has been doing construction on a bridge over Abbotts Creek that has required the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office to oversee a rolling roadblock. One of the northbound lanes of traffic had come to a stop when the last car was rear ended. The driver of the car that hit the last vehicle may end up facing both criminal charges and a wrongful death claim. According to evidence gathered by the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s accident reconstruction team, the driver of the car that caused […]

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North Carolina pickup truck driver charged in motorcycle wreck

With spring in full swing, motorcycle enthusiasts are taking advantage of the warmer weather here in North Carolina. Drivers need to take care to keep an eye out for more motorcycle riders since more motorcycles on the road means a greater chance of being involved in a motorcycle wreck. One 72-year-old driver of a pickup truck tragically discovered this recently. The driver of a motorcycle was heading eastbound on N.C. 24. As he approached a gas station, the pickup truck driver pulled out in front of him. According to the […]

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Man never allowed to drive in North Carolina after auto accident

May 17, 2013 by , Car Accidents

A North Carolina judge has decided to bar a man from ever driving in our state. This ruling stems from an auto accident that took the life of the man’s then girlfriend and injured a family. The man’s attorney plans to appeal the judge’s decision while his client serves 12.5 to 16.5 years in prison as the result of a plea bargain. The accident that is putting this man in prison happened in Oct. 2012. As his girlfriend was driving down North Carolina Highway 53, the man was riding next […]

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Number of North Carolina fatal workplace injuries under-reported

The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) is reporting that the number of North Carolina workers that died on-the-job last year may be much higher than reported by the Department of Labor for our state. The Department of Labor reported that there were approximately 35 deaths in 2012 attributed to workplace injuries. COSH puts that number somewhere around 150. The report issued by COSH specifically discussed the death of one worker that died while digging a trench at North Carolina State University. According to COSH, the state repeatedly […]

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North Carolina truck accidents: Mom watches as daughter is struck

May 1, 2013 by , Truck Accidents

A North Carolina mother watched helplessly as her daughter was run down by a tractor trailer recently. To make matters worse, the truck kept going after hitting the little girl. As happens in many pedestrian vs. truck accidents, the victim did not survive. The child’s school bus, which was taking students home after school, and the tractor trailer were both heading south on U.S. Highway 421. According to police, the school bus had stopped to let the little girl off of the bus when tragedy struck. The lights on the […]

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