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Monthly Archives: August 2013

1 dead, 1 injured in North Carolina motorcycle wreck

Most drivers in North Carolina are aware that the use of alcohol or drugs and driving can be a dangerous mix. Slower reaction times and lapses in judgment often lead to accidents when a driver is somehow impaired. Police believe that this may have been the cause of a recent motorcycle wreck. The wreck occurred on U.S. Highway 17 as the motorcycle was heading south. A vehicle heading north was attempting to make a left hand turn, but did so right into the path of the southbound motorcycle. The driver […]

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Pedestrian injury and death a concern on North Carolina Road

Aug 22, 2013 by , Car Accidents

Locals call a particular stretch of North Carolina 12 “no man’s land” because of the danger to pedestrians. The road can get quite narrow in some spots and it is difficult for pedestrians and bicycle riders to stay off of the road. The possibility for a pedestrian to suffer an injury or even death is high in this particular spot. As if to confirm what locals already knew, a couple was recently killed as they were walking on this stretch of road. According to preliminary reports from police, the 50-year-old […]

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North Carolina wrongful death: Pregnant mom and child die on boat

Aug 16, 2013 by , Wrongful Death

A family day on the water in North Carolina turned tragic when two boats collided. A pregnant mother and her son both died as a result of the collision. Not only did the family lose a mother that day, but two children that will never have a chance to grow up. The man that ripped through their lives on Memorial Day weekend is facing criminal charges and possibly a wrongful death claim. The pregnant woman, her son, her husband and her brother were all on a pontoon boat on High Rock […]

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Personal injury suit filed by former North Carolina lawmaker

Aug 7, 2013 by , Car Accidents

In 2011 a former North Carolina lawmaker was involved in an accident. At first, it appeared that the former lawmaker was the one at fault for the accident. Since that time, a more thorough investigation into the crash has revealed that the other driver, who was killed in the crash, was actually the responsible party. Now, the former legislator has filed a personal injury suit against the estate of the deceased driver and the bar that served him alcohol prior to the accident. The lawsuit claims that the other driver […]

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