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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Insufficient Patient Instructions can lead to Injuries

Patients can obtain perfect results from surgery or other inpatient procedures, yet they can suffer serious injuries related to their conditions after discharge from the hospital. All too often, Charlotte medical malpractice lawyers see clients who sustain post-discharge injuries ranging from surgical site infections to broken bones after falling off crutches. In many cases, these injuries occur simply because patients did not receive proper or timely instructions prior to their release. Patients need to take a proactive approach to ensure they know how to care for themselves once they leave […]

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DWI Causes Motorcyclist Death in Rear End Collision

Weather conditions were not at issue on January 19th when a 50-year old motorcyclist was rear-ended on I-440 by a vehicle traveling an estimated 115 mph. According to ABC News, his instant death at the scene was allegedly caused by a young woman who is facing multiple criminal charges, including the following: Felony death by vehicle Felony hit and run Driving while intoxicated (DWI) Driving without a license with an expired vehicle tag and no insurance In spite of this horrific list of violations, the victim’s family will face potentially […]

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NC Cyclist Pursues Bike Safety Up to His Death

Apr 23, 2015 by , Bicycle Accidents

The News & Observer reports that drivers in North Carolina hit about 960 bicyclists and 2,200 pedestrians each year. Chapel Hill alone saw 41 bicycle crashes within a recent five-year period. On October 18, 2014, Kent Winberry, a popular bicyclist and active advocate for legislative changes to promote rider safety, became part of those statistics after an accident with a car. Sadly, Winberry died 10 days later, but his continued fight for safety until the time of his death may have spurred changes in Chapel Hill that can save future […]

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The Role of a Personal Representative in a NC Wrongful Death Action

Apr 21, 2015 by , Wrongful Death

When families lose loved ones (decedents) due to negligent or wrongful acts, the common belief is that immediate family members have the right to pursue compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit. While family members may eventually receive compensation in this type of claim, these lawsuits are actually brought by a personal representative of the decedent. This is just one reason to retain Charlotte wrongful death lawyers who understand the complexities of these legal cases. Personal Representatives Stand in for Decedents After Death The North Carolina wrongful death statutes essentially base […]

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Staying Safe During a Roadside Emergency

Apr 16, 2015 by , Car Accidents

Experiencing a flat tire, a collision or another emergency on the road is never pleasant. Most important, however, is that dealing with these situations in traffic is often dangerous. Even when drivers manage to get their impaired vehicles out of the traffic lanes, they are at risk of other drivers harming them from the moment they step out of their vehicles. The NC Move Over and Fender-Bender laws exist for good reason. However, drivers need to know about preventive measures they can take to reduce roadside emergencies — and good […]

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