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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Can Hit and Run Drivers be Unaware of Accidents?

Sep 30, 2015 by , Car Accidents

Few people would disagree that drivers who flee after being involved in an accident are among the worst of the worst. From a legal standpoint, they prevent accident victims from pursuing the full value of their claims. Some victims who fail to carry optional uninsured motorist insurance coverage can face extensive unpaid damages. Perhaps more important, hit-and-run accidents can impede recovery from injuries when drivers fail to help seriously-injured people at the scene. People who might have lived can die just because they could not obtain quick medical assistance. In […]

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The Importance of Hearing Protection in Noisy Work Environments

Factories, construction sites and even rock concerts pose hearing risks for workers. In a perfect world, all employers that subject their workers to noisy work environments provide the highest-quality hearing protection available — and insist that their employees use them. Unfortunately, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration asserts that every year, high workplace noise levels cause thousands of workers to sustain hearing loss on the job. The best approach workers can take to fight hearing loss is to prevent it. Whenever possible, they should insist that their employers provide hearing […]

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High Speed Chases Put Motorcyclists at Extra Risk

Our Charlotte motorcycle accident lawyers can attest to the fact that speeding is riskier to bikers than other motorists. The reasons behind the risks are no secret: Motorcycles offer almost no protection for riders during accidents. High speeds give riders little time to react to any situation on the road. Two-wheeled vehicles are likely to tip over when riders lose control. All too often, even helmeted bikers are killed during motorcycle accidents related to speeding. Identifying the precise cause of these accidents is typically challenging because of the complex factors […]

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Truckers: Think Twice Before Carrying Passengers

Sep 22, 2015 by , Truck Accidents

As a general rule, semi-truck drivers and passengers fare better than those in other vehicles in accidents. This does not mean, however, that truck cabs eliminate the possibility of serious injuries. While no truckers want to face their own debilitating injuries, the emotional pain is unimaginable when passengers who sat beside them are injured or killed. Since federal regulations regarding passengers are somewhat unclear, the associated injury claims require a Charlotte tractor-trailer accident attorney with significant experience within this complex area of the law. A Recent Truck Accident Illustrates the […]

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Serious Workplace Injuries Can Point to Faulty Safety Equipment

Sep 17, 2015 by , Personal Injury

North Carolina’s workers’ compensation benefits generally apply to losses related to the injuries and fatalities that are all too common to construction workers. However, our Charlotte work injury attorneys often see claims that extend beyond employer or worker negligence. While identifying the causes of construction accidents requires extensive investigation, third-party personal injury claims can provide fuller benefits when warranted. Recent Scaffolding Accident Raises Liability Questions In March, 2015, ABC 11 reported a construction scaffolding accident that raises liability questions. At the time, an apparent scaffolding collapse at a construction site […]

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