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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Drowsy Driving and Car Wrecks in Charlotte

Apr 26, 2017 by , Car Accidents

car crash attorney in Charlotte NC

Each year drowsy drivers are, at a conservative minimum, cause of 82,000 crashes nationally.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that in 2014, of those 82,000 crashes, there were 37,000 injuries and 886 deaths. It is estimated, unfortunately, that these statistics are hugely underestimated and that, in fact, up to 6,000 fatal crashes each year occur due to drowsy drivers.  Think you’re not one of them? Think again.  An estimate of 1 in 25 adult drivers report having fallen asleep while driving within the past 30 days. These are […]

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Distracted Driving in the New Tech Age in North Carolina

Apr 21, 2017 by , Car Accidents

Charlotte NC car crash attorney

Distracted driving is the act of driving while engaging in another activity.  In doing so the driver puts not only himself, but his passengers and other persons on the road at risk of harm. It is a breach of the driver’s duty of care while driving.  In fact, it is a deadly breach.  In 2015 in the United States, 3,477 people were killed by distracted driving, that’s triple the amount of all vehicular fatalities in North Carolina that same year. Distracted driving is not something to get distracted about.  This […]

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The Top 5 Dangerous Things Drivers Do that Result in Collisions

Apr 17, 2017 by , Car Accidents

auto accident attorney in Charlotte NC

Driving a car, truck or motorcycle is often a fun, relaxing leisure activity. In fact, scenic byways were designed just for this activity.  More and more people started driving.  The population grew, and so did the number of cars on the streets.  The roadways began to expand and reach out or reach in.  Somewhere along the way, driving became more than just a means to get from Point A to Point B. As a result of changing dynamics socially and culturally, drivers are behaving differently behind the wheel.  It seems […]

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Finding the Right Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Apr 14, 2017 by , Personal Injury

personal injury claim lawyer in Charlotte NC

There are hundreds of thousands of personal injuries annually, and a good portion of those matters end up in the hands of attorneys.  Less than 5 percent of all personal injury claims end up in the courts, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Statistics.  That’s good news because our court system would be swimming in personal injury matters and making it a longer wait for victims of personal injuries to receive their legal remedy.  According to the U.S. Department of Justice, the primary sources of personal […]

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Tips to Secure the Most Compensation after a North Carolina Car Wreck

Apr 10, 2017 by , Car Accidents

car wreck attorney in Charlotte NC

Car wrecks happen. They happen multiple times every day in our own town of Charlotte, NC.  Sometimes there are injuries, and sometimes there aren’t.  Whatever the case, no matter how big or small, if you weren’t at fault, then you want to recover whatever you can.  The following tips aren’t hollow points instructing you to do simple tasks that you can check-off, but real information to get you where you want to go. Throughout the article, though, you’ll begin to feel how meticulous and complex the process can be if […]

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