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Category: Spine Injury

Many people see an auto accident as a pain-in-the-neck for many reasons, and whiplash is definitely one of those reasons. Even a relatively minor bump from behind can send one’s head suddenly backward and forward, placing severe strain on the individual’s delicate neck. Even in low-impact collisions involving no vehicle damage, statistics indicate that between…Read More

Spinal cord damage is often referred to as a catastrophic injury for good reason. With about 12,000 new cases each year, these injuries often leave victims with devastating long-term effects, such as full or partial paralysis or damage to any number of vital bodily functions. Naturally, the best way to avoid SCI is to recognize…Read More

The spinal cord, a pathway between the brain and body, is a vital component in virtually every aspect of daily life. Unfortunately, it is also easily damaged in many types of accidents. That being the case, any type of spinal cord injury (SCI) can have a devastating effect on victims for the rest of their…Read More