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Charlotte Motorcycle Accident Attorney Warns: Motorcyclists Face Increased Risk in Truck Accidents

Nov 24, 2015 Brown Moore Motorcycle Accidents

It is no secret that cars are no match against massive tractor-trailer trucks in accidents. Truck drivers often walk away injury-free from these collisions. Car occupants stand a good chance of receiving some degree of protection from their vehicles, but severe injuries are probable. However, motorcyclists have little more than the amount of protection provided by their helmets and apparel. When they share roads with truckers, virtually any interaction puts them at greater risk of severe injuries — and fatalities.

Biker Driving Habits are Not Always Factors in Accidents

When people hear about accidents involving motorcycles, many of them automatically assume that the bikers bear some or all of the fault. While the capacity for speed and the ability to maneuver between lanes of traffic often gives motorcycles a bad reputation, their small size makes them less visible on the road. When other drivers fail to pay a reasonable amount of attention, serious accidents happen.

In July 2015, Fox 8 reported a tragic accident involving a semi and six motorcycles in Greensboro. The bikers were resting at the side of the road when the truck swerved off the road and hit them, sending five riders to the hospital and killing one. Of course, every accident has unique aspects. Some important points behind this wreck noted at the time of the accident are as follows:

  • The trucker had a front seat passenger. Even though carrying passengers is often against federal trucking regulations, there is no indication that the passenger provided a distraction to the driver.
  • The driver’s statement to police caused them to theorize that he fell asleep at the wheel, which is why the truck veered off to the side.
  • Although the trucker stopped about a half mile up the road, the police believe he was not aware of the accident. He would not have stopped, except for the flat tire he got from the crash.

Truckers May Not be Aware of Accidents With Motorcycles

While it appears that further investigation will reveal drowsy driving as the cause of the accident, the trucker’s delay in stopping makes an important point. Just as a car driver might be unaware of hitting a small animal on the road, the size difference between semi-trucks and motorcycles can create the same situation. Even when a truck driver does not intentionally hit and run, the failure to stop can prevent victims from receiving the emergency medical care needed to survive.

Clearly, all drivers need to take appropriate action to be highly aware of all occurrences that take place on the road, but juries may extend sympathy to truckers in situations like this one. This is why it is so important to seek support from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can foresee jury reactions and present cases that address any issues upfront. Call us at 800-948-0577 or use our convenient online contact form for the full representation you need to prevail in these complex cases.