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Jury Renders $4.5 Million Verdict in NC Wrongful Death Case

Dec 29, 2014 Brown Moore Wrongful Death

Few personal injury cases are as emotionally difficult as the needless loss of a loved one. While no amount of compensation can ever truly replace such loss, experienced Charlotte wrongful death lawyers can at least help families pursue all pertinent monetary losses — from the associated medical costs to a lifetime of lost services and financial support.

Even though most families do not focus on legal issues during a time of mourning, the unfortunate fact is that North Carolina law only allows them two years to initiate wrongful death lawsuits. One recent case shows the potential complexity of such cases. Still, a compassionate attorney can begin developing cases without undue involvement by grieving families.

Identifying All Negligent Parties Can Be Difficult

In an October 2014 decision, a Surry County jury awarded $4.5 million to a family in what is believed to be the largest damage verdict in the history of the county. According to Mount Airy News, when a woman gave birth during a cesarean section in 2009, the doctor severed her small bowel.

This error alone did not have to be critical to the new mother; however negligent post-operative care complicated the situation. The doctor and hospital staff ignored her complaints of abdominal pain and released her from the hospital. She died approximately one day later after being re-admitted due to renal failure.

To help ensure the family could pursue a full and fair award for the loss, the attorneys in the case had to closely examine all details to identify everyone who contributed to this loss. They cited the following parties as sharing liability:

  • The doctor who performed the cesarean section and failed in the patient’s post-operative care
  • The doctor’s medical practice
  • The hospital, which was removed from the named defendants after settling out of court
  • A corporation responsible for overseeing the hospital

One Award Can Help Improve Care for Future Patients

Even a generous award such as this one cannot make up for a child who will never meet his mother, a father left to raise the child alone, or a mother who will never know the joy of raising her first child. However, our lawyers applaud an award that holds medical providers accountable in a way that may help other providers take patient complaints more seriously in the future.

Compassionate Attorneys Can Make a Difference

When the negligence of others causes the loss of a loved one, families need to count on skilled legal support to seek justice through a wrongful death claim. Even though monetary compensation cannot make up for a needless loss, many individuals obtain comfort by taking action to ensure that other families do not experience the same type of loss.

We hope our clients will never need our services to help with a tragic loss. However we offer a complimentary consultation for any personal injury concerns, and our full-service approach helps guide clients through a potentially-complex legal process.

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