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North Carolina Boating Accident Causes The Death Of A Woman And Child

Oct 18, 2014 Brown Moore Articles

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission states that there are over 5,000 miles of water for boaters to explore in North Carolina, making recreational boating a popular activity for many families in Mecklenburg County. However, this fun family activity can suddenly turn into a grim event if injuries and fatalities are caused by other boaters on the road not taking proper safety precautions and respecting other boats out on the water.

Accidents While Boating

Recently, a child and a pregnant woman were killed while they were out boating on a lake in Davidson County. The accident involved a speedboat and a pontoon boat and four individuals were on each separate boat, each belonging to the same family. Officials say that the speedboat collided with the pontoon boat, went over the top of the pontoon boat and the pregnant woman was thrown out of the boat.

Although the accident resulted in two fatalities, there was only one other injury. A man on the pontoon boat suffered from a critical head injury. The officials investigating the accident are unsure of what exactly caused it but suspect that speed may have been a factor, says

To prevent fatal boating accidents like this one, the NCWRC recommends that when another boat is trying to pass on the water, that the boat being passed should not reduce its speed or alter its direction. The boat trying to pass should remain a safe distance away from the boat they are passing to avoid crashing into the boat and hurting the passengers on it.

Decreasing The Risk Of Fatality

Although North Carolina boaters can try to make boating safety their priority while out enjoying the water, accidents still happen frequently. In 2009, there were 736 fatalities caused by boating incidents, and 3,358 people were injured, states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To ensure that boating remains a safe and fun activity, boaters should:

  • Never drink or use drugs while out on the water
  • Use appropriate safety equipment while boating
  • Be aware of weather conditions
  • Follow state boating rules
  • Watch out for other boaters on the water
  • Unload and load their boat with care

Boaters should also be diligent about taking necessary safety precautions during the spring and the beginning of the boating season. If the water is still cold and the boat capsizes or a passenger falls overboard, individuals in the water only have a matter of minutes to get back on board or find help before they are no longer able to move their muscles.

Although boat passengers can take necessary precautions while they are enjoying a day out on the water, they cannot control the actions of other boaters out on the water. If you were injured in a boating accident caused by a negligent boater, contact a personal injury attorney to find out what your legal rights are.