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Monthly Archives: September 2012

North Carolina Restrictions for Elderly Drivers

Sep 28, 2012 by , Car Accidents

A driver’s license provides many motorists with an opportunity to be self-sufficient. They no longer have to depend upon another person to drive them around town. They are free to go where they want, when they want. When drivers get older, some of them start to lose some of the skills that are necessary for safe driving. Perhaps they have problems with their eyesight, or they are just experiencing a general slowdown of their reaction times, which could lead to increased motor vehicle accidents. Knowing when to take the keys […]

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Significant Challenges for Injured Workers

There are many occupations that present hazards for workers. But when someone is injured on the job, many of these workers find themselves in for a major surprise when trying to obtain North Carolina workers’ compensation benefits. There are very specific rules in place that require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. In North Carolina, if a business has three or more employees, they must have workers’ compensation insurance, or show that they would be able to pay for any injuries suffered by their employees. Those that do not could […]

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Injuries Increasing due to Distracted Walking

Sep 13, 2012 by , Car Accidents

As the school year starts once again, drivers will notice many students walking in the mornings and afternoons. Around high schools and college campuses motorists may see students out more often, walking to their next class. Many of these students could be wearing headphones listening to music on an Ipod, talking on a cellphone or texting while walking. This may seem like harmless behavior, but the risk of injury due to a pedestrian and car accident increases substantially when a pedestrian is distracted in some way. A recent study by Safe […]

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Drivers Urged to Exercise Caution in School Zones

Sep 7, 2012 by , Car Accidents

With the summer coming to an end, children throughout North Carolina are returning back to the classroom. Police and law enforcement throughout the area are encouraging everyone to take a few moments to discuss school bus safety. While some drivers may only worry about the potential penalties for a traffic violation around a school bus, there are other important issues that drivers need to be aware of to help reduce the chance of a school bus accident. When a driver is approaching or behind a school bus that is flashing […]

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