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Monthly Archives: February 2014

North Carolina weather may contribute in a wrongful death lawsuit

Feb 26, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

Weather is something that no one can control. Operating a vehicle in poor weather circumstances is a choice that could have consequences should an accident occur. A North Carolina driver may now be facing charges after an accident on a snowy road that left one person dead. The driver may face criminal charges as well as a wrongful death lawsuit. Police believe that weather may have been a factor in the accident that killed one person and injured another. The victim was a 23-year-old woman who was riding in the […]

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Accident involving texting may lead to wrongful death claim

Feb 16, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

Most motorists here in North Carolina and elsewhere are aware of the dangers of texting while driving. Any type of distracted driving has the potential to cause a serious car accident. Unfortunately, texting is considered to be a factor in a recent accident in Belmont that claimed the life of an elderly woman. The driver now faces criminal charges, which may help the victim’s family if they decide to pursue a wrongful death claim. According to the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the 45-year-old driver was in the middle of texting […]

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North Carolina family grieves for baby boy after auto accident

Feb 13, 2014 by , Car Accidents

Motor vehicle collisions are, unfortunately, an everyday occurrence in North Carolina. Interestingly, many times car accidents happen within close proximity of one’s destination. This fact can make the results of an auto accident even more difficult to accept, knowing that individuals were so near the end of their travels. A recent car wreck illustrates this idea all too well. A collision late one Sunday morning interrupted one family’s trip to church. On their way to a late morning service, the family was just about to turn into the church parking […]

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North Carolina may soon be facing a wrongful death claim

Feb 6, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

Understandably, when the guardrails and cable barriers on highway medians fail, it can cause devastation. People can be seriously injured or even killed in accidents that could have been made worse by the failed guardrail or cable barrier. The state of North Carolina may possibly be at the wrong end of a wrongful death lawsuit pending the results of an investigation into an accident. An eyewitness to a recent accident believes that the cable barrier that was in the median of a North Carolina highway failed to properly keep an […]

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