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Monthly Archives: April 2016

Proving Product Defects Can Require Deep Investigation

Apr 29, 2016 by , Personal Injury

When tens of thousands of individuals file government complaints about a medical product, it would seem that successful outcomes in injury lawsuits related to the products would be virtually guaranteed. However, manufacturers of any product are very skilled at defending their decisions, typically subjecting juries to numerous expert witnesses armed with extensive technical documentation. According to a report by Philadelphia Media Network, this is what happened when, after undergoing several corrective surgeries that did not provide relief for serious medical problems, one woman filed a lawsuit against a manufacturer of […]

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Wrong-Way Crashes Are on the Rise in North Carolina

Apr 27, 2016 by , Car Accidents

Wrong-way crashes may be less frequent than other types of crashes, but they often result in head-on collisions, which are notorious for serious injuries and fatalities. Yet, according to a report by ABC News, NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) statistics indicate that the number of wrong-way crashes between 2013 and 2014 increased by nearly 67 percent. A total of 39 wrong-way crashes resulted in 54 injuries and 8 fatalities in 2014 alone. In most cases, the causes behind wrong-way crashes are not complicated. Even though they consistently point to driver […]

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Work Injury Expenses Should Not be Directly Paid by Employers

Apr 25, 2016 by , Personal Injury

Minor cuts and bruises are common workplace injuries, but even some minor injuries are serious enough to require medical attention. Recognizing that workers’ compensation claims are administrative hassles, some employers may offer to pay minor medical bills directly. Each Charlotte workplace injury attorney at our firm understands that simplicity is a major motivator for workers who just want to get treatment. However, this decision can lead to potentially-expensive legal situations down the road. Not All Injuries Are as Minor as They Initially Seem Workers who can get around normally after […]

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Sleep Apnea Affects Nearly One-Third of Commercial Truck Drivers

Apr 22, 2016 by , Truck Accidents

The overall purpose of the often-complex Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) hours of service regulations is to increase roadway safety by preventing commercial truckers from drowsy driving. In essence, the regulations limit the number of consecutive hours that drivers can spend behind the wheel, and they also attempt to ensure that drivers get the right amount of sleep. Our Charlotte truck accident attorneys believe that the regulations most likely prevent countless serious accidents every year. However, when drivers suffer from sleep apnea, they suffer from poorer-quality sleep regardless of […]

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Can Surveillance Videos Help Pursue Hit and Run Drivers?

Apr 20, 2016 by , Car Accidents

Whether they watch local news reports or even crime dramas on TV, many people believe that the prevalence of surveillance videos has vastly simplified the process of identifying and catching hit and run drivers and other criminals. In truth, these videos can be immensely helpful, but many factors can prevent them from providing absolute identifying evidence. Injury victims of hit and run accidents might feel a sense of hope when their accidents happen in high-traffic areas where video cameras are more prevalent. Still, any Charlotte hit and run lawyer at […]

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