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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Fatal motorcycle crash in North Carolina kills brothers

Many drivers may have heard the concept that looking twice could save a life, especially in the case of seeing motorcycle riders. Unfortunately, motorcyclists continue to be overlooked on the roadways, and serious injuries and deaths occur due to motorcycle accidents. If a driver fails to obey a traffic sign or simply does not see approaching motorcycles, a fatal motorcycle crash is all too likely to take place. An unfortunate and deadly accident involving two motorcyclists and another vehicle recently took place in North Carolina. Reports state that the driver […]

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Auto accident leads to death of North Carolina student

Jul 24, 2014 by , Car Accidents

When a driver has passengers in their vehicle, that driver becomes responsible for the lives of those other individuals. Therefore, if that vehicle is involved in a serious auto accident, that driver could potentially be at fault for any injuries or fatalities that occur. In the event that a passenger is killed in a single-car accident, the family of the victim could possibly have cause to file a civil claim against the driver. The family of a college student in North Carolina may be considering their legal options after the […]

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Wrongful death claim could result from North Carolina accident

Jul 17, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

A fatal accident can suddenly occur in various situations. Car accidents are among the most common situations in which a person could potentially be killed, even if a person is not in a vehicle at the time of the event. When a fatal accident takes place, the loved ones of the victim may wish to consider whether filing a wrongful death claim could be a path they wish to follow. The family of an individual who was killed in an accident in North Carolina may be contemplating this option. The […]

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Car accidents: Avoidance attempt leads to crash in North Carolina

Jul 9, 2014 by , Car Accidents

When traffic suddenly slows, individuals may have to attempt quick maneuvering to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, car accidents can take place even when trying to avoid another accident. Because traffic and the actions of other drivers are often unpredictable, serious accidents can take place suddenly, and even if a driver was trying to avoid an accident, that individual could end up with serious injuries. A driver in North Carolina found himself in a similar situation. According to reports, a vehicle was stopped in a middle lane of a roadway for […]

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Construction worker suffers workplace injuries at grocery site

Although the construction field may be an exciting job industry for those in North Carolina who enjoy hands-on work, it can also be dangerous. Some mistakes can end up costing a person their ability to work for a time, due to severe workplace injuries. One man recently suffered such injuries while working at a construction site in another state. The accident took place during a recent morning at the site of a grocery store that was in the process of being constructed. The incident happened when the man struck himself […]

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