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Family of deceased student files wrongful death suit

By Brown Moore

January 25, 2014

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A Charlotte police officer has been embroiled in a scandal involving the possible wrongful death of a young student. North Carolina residents are likely familiar with the case, which involved a young black man who was killed on a porch by the police officer as he sought help after an accident. The family has recently filed a wrongful death suit because of the incident.

The incident occurred when the deceased was involved in a serious car accident near the home of the police officer. Presumably dazed and confused, he walked to a nearby house to seek help. The woman who lived in the house was alarmed and called 911 for help. When police arrived on the scene, the police officer shot him dead — firing what many believe was an excessive ten shots at the apparently defenseless young man. One recent report did not specify why the police officer thought the young man was a threat.

The incident was under investigation to determine if the officer committed any wrongdoing. A North Carolina jury recently determined that the police officer could not be indicted for the death of the college student because there was insufficient evidence to prove voluntary manslaughter. However, the family of the deceased claims that autopsy evidence indicates that the young man may have been on the ground for many of the shots that were fired.

Despite the fact that the police officer has not yet been criminally charged, he could face civil liability in the wake of the family’s lawsuit. The details of the suit and the amount of compensation sought were not immediately clear; however, a successful wrongful death claim could help alleviate any financial strain they may be under due to the man’s loss. While it won’t bring him back, it may help hold the person believed responsible for his death accountable.

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