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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Auto accident involving car, semi leads to deaths and injuries

Jun 27, 2014 by , Car Accidents

When driving other passengers around, a person is responsible for operating his or her vehicle safely. Failing to exercise caution behind the wheel can unfortunately lead to debilitating injuries or even death. Two women recently lost their lives and four others suffered injuries in a North Carolina auto accident involving a car and semi-truck. A car with six individuals was heading east on a road and reportedly passed a stop sign. The car then ended up underneath a semi that was heading south on a different road. The accident happened […]

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Workplace injuries result from fall at construction site

When heading to work, a person usually doesn’t imagine getting injured so bad on the worksite that returning to work the next day isn’t an option. Sometimes, though, a work accident can happen in the blink of an eye. This may leave a person in North Carolina wondering how he or she will recover from the workplace injuries and stay afloat financially in the meantime. One individual in an out-of-state case suffered serious injuries on a recent Friday. The accident happened when he was on a construction site. He fell […]

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Man suffers workplace injuries after trench collapse

A person in North Carolina might start out having a good day and then all of a sudden, it seems as though his or her world collapses. This can easily happen if a person is working hard on-the-job and ends up suffering workplace injuries. One worker in another state faced this situation recently. The worker was laboring at a development during the late afternoon on a recent Monday. All of a sudden, a trench partially collapsed and buried the worker in dirt, authorities said. His coworkers were able to free […]

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Car accidents involving alcohol may cause injuries, death

Jun 6, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

A fatal crash can make a family feel crushed as they grapple with the grief associated with the fact that they will no longer being able to see their loved one. The family may feel even more troubled if the accident occurred due to someone’s decision to drive while intoxicated. These types of car accidents are life-changing for more than just the victim, and unfortunately, one family recently experienced this after a fatal crash. The accident occurred on a North Carolina Interstate on a recent Thursday. The incident took place […]

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