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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Fatal North Carolina accident could lead to wrongful death claim

Aug 28, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

When vehicles are stopped on the side of the road due to car trouble or other emergency, it is important for passing vehicles to give the stopped vehicle a wide berth. If passing drivers do not move over, they could easily hit the stopped vehicle or individuals around the vehicle. In such an incident, fatal injuries could result, and the family of a victim could potentially file a wrongful death claim. The family of a North Carolina tow truck driver may be looking into such options after a recent accident. […]

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Family may have cause to claim wrongful death in North Carolina

Aug 20, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

Though a party may not have been in a vehicle that was involved in an accident, there may be extenuating circumstances that could cause certain parties to be considered responsible for the event. If a fatal accident takes place due to an individual being under the influence, the individuals or businesses that provided the alcohol could potentially be held liable. In such a situation, the family of the victim may have cause to pursue a wrongful death claim. The family of a North Carolina teen who was killed in a […]

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Family of North Carolina woman may consider wrongful death case

Aug 13, 2014 by , Wrongful Death

When a fatal accident occurs, it is important that the correct party or parties are deemed responsible and that the applicable charges or other penalties are applied. If an individual who may have been at fault is killed in the accident, wrongful death or other civil claims on the part of any other seriously or fatally injured parties may be filed against the estate of a deceased individual. Because such situations can be somewhat complicated, having the right information for a specific situation is important. The family of a woman […]

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North Carolina family may be looking into workers’ compensation

When a workplace accident takes place that results in the death of a worker, the family of that individual will likely have to deal with many decisions in the near future. They may also struggle financially as they make funeral arrangements and try to work around the loss of the income that had been generated by the victim. However, if the death occurred while the party was on the job, the family may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. A family in North Carolina may be looking into whether they […]

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